Clean fuel for the body gets the best results

I always enjoyed helping my mother with making all kinds of meals and desserts in our large family while growing up. We had fairly good sources for healthy food back in the 60s and 70s.

Today I have learned that eating foods that aren’t treated with chemicals and pesticides is the best disease prevention.  Organic foods actually contribute to building up our immune systems instead of attacking them. This is what nature designed food to do for our bodies.

Disease Prevention isn’t a new idea, and it works 1000 times better than vaccinations or treatments that attack the immune systems.

The food industry is so polluted with chemicals that attack our bodies and immune systems on a daily basis.  

I read an article last June 2013 that states ‘all of our conventional grains in America are fumigated (sprayed) with Sulfural Fluoride after it is harvested and while stored in grain bins.’

It was going to be removed from use , however Dow Chemical has fought to keep it in use and it’s still being used today.

I had been suffering from severe carpal tunnel in my right wrist and also had severe back pains in my in my tail bone area for several years. These severe inflamed back joint pains seem to mysteriously come and go for extended periods of time. My lower back area would painfully slip out of place and produce excruciating pain. I was unable to even get out of bed many times.  I also was experiencing;  loss of bladder control, a severe rash that would come and go around my neck area, a bloated stomach with upset digestive system after I ate grain type foods, severe heartburn and acid re-flux, hemorrhoid issues and random periods of depression with mental fog.

After I realized how toxic my food might be I decided to experiment with my diet. I changed over to organic breads and oatmeal for just two weeks time. I was amazed at how quickly all these pains and depression left me and didn’t return.  I was so overjoyed at how good my body felt.  Then at the end of those two weeks I changed my diet back to eating my normal favorite conventional breads and oatmeal for two additional weeks. Every one of those body pains and issues quickly returned.

Since then, I have switched permanently to buying all Organic grain’s in my grocery choices, including: my wheat products, oats, rice, beans, coffee etc.  I stay pain free from those issues all the time now. I have avoided carpal tunnel and back surgery by just eating food that has not been sprayed with what was only previously used for exterminating termites.

Due to worries about the atmosphere Methyl Bromide which had been used for decades for treating grains to kill insect pests was phased out of use . You can read about it here:       It was not really a good pesticide to have on our food either.

In 2005 The FDA approved the switch over to Sulfural Fluoride used to treat grains in order to kill pests (insects and such) while in storage.

Here is a link to an excellent fact sheet on ‘Sulfural Fluoride’ provided by the National Pesticide information center a cooperative agreement between Oregon State University and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). It was published for the technicians that use this chemical Industrially for two major uses:  Termite Fumigation and for Grain Mills that Fumigate our food grains to prevent insects in the food.

This toxin is applied to all of our conventional store bought grains in the U.S.

Here is a scanned  document brought to you by the EPA and  Oregon State University that shows how toxic fluoride is. This document is no longer online due to they would rather you were not aware of this chemical.


Please be curious, it’s on sprayed your food. There is much more than I share here.

It does state: ‘Fluoride the primary toxin, interferes with the metabolism of stored fats and carbohydrates… Sulfural Fluoride is a biocide; a substance that will kill all living organisms, including people animals and plants if exposed for a sufficient period of time and a high enough concentration’.

Here is a link to an article created by The EPA that that states Fluoride is a Neurotoxin.

It saddens me that Americans don’t realize how tainted their food system is. I did not know myself until I went looking online for some possible help.  I wonder why would a city have to pollute the city water with fluoride when all of us already have it in most of the food out there in extremely higher doses? It just poisons you, your families and your dogs, cats and pets.

Since I’ve switched to Organic breads, grains, cereals and coffee, I really feel 1000% better. The food itself tastes way better. I have not been sick at all for over a year. My wrists (carpal tunnel pain) and knees don’t hurt at all [they did severely]. My lower back joints don’t ever painfully slip out of place any more at all. I Have No Back Pain at all.  My severe itchy skin rash all over my neck area disappeared. My severe hot flashes went away. No more signs of severe heartburn, acid reflux or hemorrhoids. I have no gut aches or intestinal cramping issues after eating my meals. My stomach isn’t severely bloated all the time or at all. I have the ability to actually pull it in and walk better all the time. I am thinking clear everyday with no depression and 10 times the energy I once had. I lost 10 pounds in two months. My bones feel a lot stronger and I feel younger as a result.         Any time I eat some regular breads or grains too often, then my wrist or back starts hurting. It clears up in a day if I let my body heal itself and detox from the chemicals by eating organic grains… ‘Organic’ just means food that is not contaminated with deadly pesticides or chemicals in Our common American grain production and storage practices.

Imagine… What else could you heal by not eating contaminated foods? And what do you have to lose by eating clean food ….a lot of Pain and illness. Clean Food or lack of it, IS the cure and the main cause of disease.

If you would like to comment or ask any questions feel free to email me at

Wishing you a healthy year ahead,







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