My Tinnitus Story

This was my Tinnitus story I wrote back in 2006. I have shared it with others. It’s not my whole story but it greatly affected my life for 6 years: 

I am 46 now. I started with hypercussis (severe sensitivity to noises) first about 1998. I didn’t know it at the time, but realized it after the tinnitus (loud ringing in the ears) set in and thru my internet research. All suffers of these two diseases seem to have varying degrees of pain. Within six months of experiencing  hypercussis, I was exposed to a LOUD buzzing light transformer in a work situation  (April 1999) and developed the tinnitus. The ringing in my head was so very loud and the buzzing vibrations at the base of my neck was excruciating. I had to quit my job because they wouldn’t change out the lighting. It felt like someone took a giant tuning fork and hit it hard on metal and the stuck it inside the back of my head. I suffered from hard loud ringing in my ears and severe nerve vibrations coming from the base of my skull  for 6 years.

I had a lot of ear doctors and neurosurgeons look at me with tests of different kinds and I realized that not any one of them had a clue as what to do. They said there was no treatment, you just have to learn to live with it. I did a lot of research on the internet and educated myself as much as possible. The first two years were really bad. I felt constant despair and had suicidal thoughts a lot. I love life in general and I am an optimist. But even that didn’t help the severe depression that I had no relief from. Severe ringing and constant heavy headaches became a part of my daily life. The worst part were the constant hard painful vibrations that my the back of my head made ‘all of the time’.

At some point I realized either the tinnitus– would win or I would win. So I learned to focus on everything outside of myself and not on the tinnitus. I had to ignore it in every way possible. Over time I just lived with it. It got to be a part of me after a couple of years. Every time I wanted to sleep the ringing/vibrations kept me awake. If I tried to stay awake while just resting, the ringing would make me pass out. I was messed up.

White noise therapy did help some while trying to sleep. Tuning in a non-digital radio to an empty radio station with just white noise to listen to, helped me retrain my sleeping habits. I did try amtriptilyn at one point and used it for quite a while (cheap prescription from an ear doctor in Omaha) It was my only small relief from the pain. I was taking over the counter pain killers switching them regularly but using on a daily basis. I think Ibuprofen worked the best for me. So I have had this severe tinnitus for 6 yrs now.

In Feb. ‘05 My mom (lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota) asked me if I would like to try a nutrient that might help me. I told her I would try anything. She had heard of alot of success with this product for many ailments. So on Feb.14 I received a package from her and started using it. Within 4 days I really noticed the vibrations in my head were lessened and within two weeks I was feeling more relief. I was starting to feel halfway normal and having hope. I took it regularly for 6 months and really fell almost normal.

I still have a lesser varied level of ringing in my head that I believe might never go away. Tinnitus is caused by damaged inner hair cells in your ear which have no ‘known’ repairs or cures. However my most severe painful symptoms are gone. The nutrient I took is called ‘Ambrotose’original formula by ‘Mannatech’ and what it did was help my body to repair the NERVE damage, which to me was very severe. The NERVE damage I believe was the Hypercusis. I no longer have any pain when I hear other sounds.  I still protect my ears better from very loud noises, and sometimes I can notice the ringing getting a little loud (if exposed to a real loud noise). Overall my whole body feels much better and I can continue to work and play for the most part not realizing that i have it.

I did a lot of research on the product and can share with you sites to do your own. The product research behind this formula  has won research doctors  Nobel prizes for their research on cell to cell communication. It is really awesome how much it has helped people with so many types of diseases. It is not the cure itself but it gives the body the essential sugars (glyconutrients) that it needs to repair itself. It also helps the body manufacture steadily its own stem cells for use wherever needed in the body.   They have other nutritional products that I don’t use, but I do take vitamin and mineral supplements on daily basis . I do not make any money off this, I just want others to have relief from the constant pain like I had.

The Main ingredient in ‘Ambrotose’ is called ‘Arabinogalactin’ and is also sold much cheaper at various supplement websites as an a immune support product.


I currently use ‘Lorazepam’ 1/2mg at night, when needed, which helps me to stay asleep and relaxed thru the night. I also take when necessary ‘Diclofenac Potassium’ 50mg, a pain reliever which works better than most options out there with out any side effects. I just discovered these two this last year while recovering from an auto injury.

I highly recommend organic grains (wheat, rice, beans,coffee, etc) and foods. Just in the last year I discovered the pesticides and chemicals that are heavily in our normal food products. Check out my other severe back pain relief story here:

I plan to start using the Ambrotose again this month 12/2014 hoping that it may help me more now because I eat cleaner organic foods which won’t attack my immune and nervous system.

I can send anyone more info on my research or links to it, if you are interested.

Good luck to you and I wish you relief of any kind if you are suffering from either of these.






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